No matter if it’s an extra $1,000 a month, a week or a day…
ARIIX can be your vehicle to achieve this additional income!

Creating Leveraged Residual Income with the ARIIX Brands!

ARIIX Activ8 Compensation Plan

  • ARIIX has 3 patents pending for their Activ8 Compensation Plan

  • Pays on Sales, as much as 50% more than competitors

  • The only one of its kind; patent pending “MULTILINE”


  1. Retail Profits (up to 45%) 
  2. 15% Base Commission (unlimited pay lines up to $2,000 per week)
  3. Cost of Living Adjustment (2% of base commission)
  4. Team Lead Bonus (free products)
  5. 15% Savings Bonus (starts at $250 in base commission)
  6. 7 Generations of Matching Bonus (1st-15%, 2nd-10%, 3rd thru 7th-5% – 2x Members)
  7. Income Position Bonus (2% of worldwide weekly sales volume — Est. $460/wk)
  8. Pay Line Bonus (1% of worldwide weekly sales volume — Est. $1600/wk)
  9. ASAP Cash Bonus — $200 Elite Pack / $75 Business Pack Enrolled
  10. Founders Club Profit Sharing (share 50% profits with owners of ARIIX FOREVER!) 


ARIIX Pays 15% Base Commission up to $2,000 per week on each Pay Line you Optimize.

Here’s What Happens When You Optimize

  • It takes 13,334 points on your Power Line and 13,334 on your Pay Line to Optimize.

  • You Earn 15% base commission on the 13,334 which is $2,000 for the week plus bonuses.

  • You also Earn Another Pay Line and Another Income Position!


Average Earning Report & Promotional Titles

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